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What's the difference between powering off the phone and restarting

Does frequent switching on and off cause a lot of loss to the phone?

It is understood that every time we turn on and off the phone, a lot of data is reloaded on the mobile phone, which will cause a certain loss of memory. If the machine is turned on and off at a high frequency, the loss will be greater. If the quality of the mobile phone is good enough, this loss may be smaller, but if the quality of the mobile phone itself has certain problems, if the phone is turned on and off frequently, the damage to the mobile phone will be more obvious.

What is the difference between turning off and on the phone and restarting it?

Phone Restart

When the mobile phone restarts, it is actually just a start on the mobile phone software level, and does not involve some hardware, the power consumption will be relatively small, and the speed will be very fast.

Turn off the phone and turn it on

The main reason is that the system and hardware are all turned off, and then all the hardware needs to be checked again when it is turned on. The power consumption is relatively large, and the speed will be relatively slow.

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