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For mobile phone repair service, please contact our repair specialist

​Will give you immediate comments and quotations:

In order to safeguard the rights and interests of both parties, on the basis of equality, voluntariness, fairness, and good faith, the customer and Phone Store have reached the following agreement on matters related to mobile phone repair business services:

1. About data backup

1.1 The customer shall be responsible for backing up the mobile phone data (including but not limited to personal information such as photos, text messages, address book, etc.) before the mobile phone repair service. If the data is lost or damaged during the repair process, the company will not bear any responsibility.

2. About testing equipment

2.1 After the company's engineers inspect the equipment, if the customer decides not to repair it due to the customer's reasons, the customer must pay a 100 yuan inspection fee.

3. About screen repair

3.1 For broken screen failures, if the customer’s equipment screen has defects such as crushing, bright spots, dust spots, gray spots, or non-original screens, the customer’s screen cannot be exchanged at a discount and the customer must pay the price of "replacement of the full screen"

3.2 Warranty regulations. The warranty period for the replacement screen is 30 days. If the company determines that the screen is scratched, cracked, leaked, implosion, abnormal display, touch failure, water ingress, etc. due to man-made damage, it is not covered by the warranty and is left to the customer. bear.

4. About motherboard repair

4.1 Maintenance regulations. The online evaluation fee does not represent the final repair quotation, and the final repair quotation is subject to the plan price after the engineer's comprehensive inspection. Phone Store will formulate a plan and quotation separately for each fault submitted or detected by the customer, and summarize all the details, but it does not guarantee that the final repair plan does not ignore other hidden faults. When the equipment has multiple maintenance failures, the customer can choose to repair some of the failures. We only repair and charge for the failure content confirmed by the customer, and only provide a warranty for the maintenance plan. Phone Store does not assume any responsibility for failures that the user did not choose to repair. For some models, the frame will be painted off during the disassembly and inspection process. The customer understands that this is a normal situation and will not be held accountable.

4.2 The company does not provide maintenance services for devices that have a history of mainboard maintenance (except in the maintenance history of various brand maintenance centers). Because the motherboard that has been repaired and not repaired may have been damaged and cannot be restored. For devices that can be repaired, Phone Store will do its best to repair. Before the motherboard is repaired, Phone Store has explained the repair risk to the customer, and the customer is willing to bear the repair risk on their own.

4.3 For the following serious motherboard problems, Phone Store only guarantees that the device can be turned on. Other functional faults detected after the power-on are not included in the warranty scope of this fault repair, and a separate billing repair is required. Conditions include: mobile phone water/moisture (moisture-proof label turns red), unable to activate, restart without reason, crash, no display on startup, unable to turn on/off, display white apple/data cable access, flashing to unlock, hard disk damage, hard disk data bus Fracture, CPU virtual welding damage, etc.

4.4 The maintenance and warranty period of the motherboard is 10 days from the date the customer picks it up.

5. About e-waste recycling

5.1 "Environmental protection" is the core concept of Phone Store. Phone Store calls on customers to understand the pollution and hazards of e-waste to the global environment, avoid improper disposal of e-waste, and actively participate in the e-waste recycling program. Phone Store will sort and process e-waste to support the sustainable development of the ecological environment.

7. About after-sales warranty

7.1 Scope of warranty. Phone Store only repairs and charges for the fault content confirmed by the customer, and only provides warranty for this part of the function. Phone Store does not assume any responsibility for failures that the user did not choose to repair and hide unrecognized failures.

7.2 Warranty label. All devices repaired by Phone Store have warranty labels. If the warranty label is damaged during the warranty period, it will be deemed to have expired without warranty.

7.3 Warranty period. The warranty period starts from the day when the customer picks up the machine. The main board failure warranty period is 10 days; other parts (buttons, batteries, handsets, etc.) failure warranty period is 10 days; screen category: the warranty period is 10 days.

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