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Trivia of electronic product technology - you never know

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Trivia of electronic product technology - you never know
Trivia of electronic product technology - you never know

There are a lot of interesting scientific and technological knowledge in our lives, and electronic products are one of them. Come and take a look with me.

  • High pixels do not determine photo quality

Many people are accustomed to blindly pursuing high-resolution when buying cameras and mobile phones, but in fact, the difference between the photos taken by the 12-megapixel and 8-megapixel cameras is actually not that big. The quality of a photo depends on how much light the sensor can receive. Generally, the larger the sensor, the more light it will receive. Therefore, the size of the pixel's photosensitive component is more important than the pixel.

  • Charging when the battery is below 50%

Many people have this misunderstanding when using mobile phones, thinking that charging before the battery runs out will cause damage to the lithium battery. In fact, doing so is good for the battery. Each battery has a certain number of charging cycles, and a charging cycle means that the battery is fully charged to completely depleted. Therefore, if you always charge the phone when the battery is consumed, it will undoubtedly reduce the battery's life cycle. Therefore, it is recommended to start charging when the battery is below 50%.

  • Forced shutdown damages computer hard drive

After we usually use the computer, we sometimes force the key with one button for convenience, but in fact, directly powering off or forced shutdown will damage the hard disk, so if it is not necessary, try not to long press the power button to shut down or unplug the power. Don't be afraid of trouble, try to shut down manually.


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